What we do

Geraldine’s book, It’s Our School, It’s Our Time, is currently being progressed to publication. Her publishers, Routledge, expect this book to attract a great deal of interest as there is very little practical guidance for teachers and school leaders who want to develop a more collaborative culture in their schools an classrooms. The editor commented:

The writing is direct and accessible and I think ideal for the readership and the book has practical advice, useful case studies and examples. I think it will be a great addition to the literature and will serve its readers’ needs very well.

Whilst assisting with publication, Geraldine is keeping in touch with the current issues for schools and writing articles to help school staff to approach their current challenges and future plans with a collaborative spirit.

Following publication, Pupil Participation will be hosting a book launch (see this website for details nearer the time). Later in 2020, Pupil Participation plans to develop an online forum for teachers and school leaders to share ideas and practices around collaborative decision-making. 

Dr Rowe is happy to come to schools to talk with groups of staff and/or pupils and assist with school development plans. Her preference is to work with groups of school leaders so that they can learn from each other and support the development of new initiatives in each others’ schools.

As well as accepting invitations to talk about her research and professional experience, Dr Rowe’s specific skills and experience equip her to make a valuable input to research projects around collaborative decision-making,  in schools and other settings.

Enquiries by phone +44 (0)7831 770 346
or email geraldine@pupilparticipation.co.uk